How does UDS get its profit and why it works?

Profit for UDS come from two main ways:

Gathering orders on its App from Thousands of customers, UDS can place larger order with manufacture with much lower price.

Shipping large volume during a period, UDS can get lower price from forwarder/express/courier

UDS gets its profit but why it works? Why you customer choose it?

First of all, you will get lower price, though it seems like that we will not share our main profit with you, however the platform is free to use, instead AliExpress charges sellers 5%-8%, Amazon charges 8%-20% of the revenue as sales fee, which will be occurred on your account finally. We don’t charge any sales fee, all profit belongs to you, no need to share with platform anymore.

Secondly, all the service UDS provided are free, product import, fulfill order in bulk,Q&C, repacking, branding, after sales etc. Though you are single, our whole team is there back up you. There is no need to install cost single function APP any more. Save more, earn more.

Is there a question on you mind that how can you get all the products you sell? Good one! Thanks to developed online business in China, thanks to Alibaba who made its mission to make it easy to do business anywhere, we can get in touch with almost all the factories in China, even small scale like 1-2 people family run firm.