Why you choose AliExpress, and why you need alternative

AliExpress dropshipping is one of the most popular marketplaces for E-commerce entrepreneurs using the dropshipping business model, AliExpress is a branch company to a giant group Alibaba, it seems more safe to deal on large platform. Not mention that the Alipay is a reliable payment method.

Dropshipping with AliExpress allows your store to earn profit by selling low priced items compared to other online shopping channels.

AliExpress dropshipping is a developed platform, it’s simple and easy to handle, you can always do it yourself for any frequent issues.

While, to develop business big, you deserve an alternative, here are some points you should have in mind.

The vast majority of users on the AliExpress are re-sellers, suppliers are retailers themselves, the price isn’t favorable as it should be

AliExpress will charge the sellers 5%-10% of the unit price as platform fee, as the saying goes “like tree, like fruit”, this fee must be included in your cost.

No sourcing, no branding for your order, any of your unique requirement will be turned down, it’s not easy to build your brand, right?

Each AliExpress shop can only sell products in the same catalog, if you have various items on running, then fulfill order in bulk will be a problem, not mention the annoy of your customer to get several packages from different suppliers.

Too long on the way, shipping via ePacket takes weeks or even up to 2 months,customer complaint seems unavoidable.

The quality control of Aliexpress products are no guarantee, AliExpress just provides a platform for entrepreneur/individual, but vet & approve products is out of the question.

If all above can be avoided by your hard work, how about your AliExpress account being blocked?

UDS dropshipping team know all the pain points for we faced the same problems when running our Cross-Border business. Now UDS not only provide order fulfillment ,sourcing ,branding ,express shipping ,higher level inspection service, but also support wholesaling and warehousing ,have a try?